Dyno test

August 13, 2018

On Saturday(August 11th), out of sheer anger on the government and their attitude towards protesters, I went for a ride along one of my favourite routes:

Relive 'Câmpina Classic'

The route

I love this route because it’s:

The effort

In the previous post I was whining about my lack of riding. So I decided assess my pre-Sigcomm form along one of the climbs I like most.

Long story short, I managed a 236W average power for the 25 minutes it took. I’m happy with that, I’m not at my best, but I’m not far away from it, either.


I apologize for the poor contrast, if you have problems reading it try to open the image in a separate tab and zoom in as you see fit.

According to the power profile posted by TrainingPeaks, with my FT of 3.65W/kg I’d be somewhere between Good and Very good.

I wasn’t far from my personal best, as you can see below. The pink line shows how the time difference between this effort and my best effort evolved over time(or distance - in this case). Unfortunately I had a chain slip right before the 2KM mark(where the pink line is vertical), without that I would have been 10S shy of my best which is negligible(traffic, weather, etc. can add or take 10S easily).



I’ve no excuse, my bike and I are at our best.