Day 1 - Transfagarasan

August 22, 2018


The first day of our Ride to Sigcomm adventure was the climb and descent(Yay!) of Transfăgărășan mountain pass.

This route is a frequent appearance in the Romanian cycling tour, famous have done it and it quickly became a must in the Romanian cycling community, and even the international(for instance). It was even featured in a Top Gear show.


It goes without saying I was very excited about this ride, and it delivered. The weather was nice, the legs were good, the landscapes fantastic, little traffic and, furthermore, I discovered a great and very strong ride mate in the, recently crowned Sigcomm rising star, Nate Foster.


I won’t bore you with the stats this time, instead I’ll treat you with footage of the descent which was looong and beautiful. I loved it!

… and the lower, forest part:

I know I’ve cut some corners here and there, but every time I did that I checked there was no traffic in front or behind. Still guilty, though, I apologize!